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What is the Emka Foundation of Emmanuel Katto and How Does it Transform Children’s Lives with Education?

Emmanuel Katto (Emka) started the Emka Foundation, an organization that primarily focuses on the lives of society’s impoverished children. The primary aim of this organization is to provide basic necessities like food, medicine, and education to underprivileged children in society. Several children in Uganda still don’t satisfy the basic requirements for reading and numeracy. Website URL:

Emmanuel Katto – The Man Redefining Ugandan Motorsports

Emmanuel Katto has had a successful career and his achievements are legendary in Ugandan motorsport history. In addition to being a legendary person, EMKA is a courageous rally driver who exudes energy and excitement. Despite no longer competing, he still has a great passion for all things motorsports in Uganda and elsewhere. Website URL:

Emmanuel Katto’s Visionary Approach to Uganda’s Motorsport

Emmanuel Katto, affectionately known as EMKA, holds a prominent place among the rally drivers who have significantly shaped Uganda’s motorsport landscape. Although he has retired from racing, EMKA’s connection with the Ugandan motorsport community remains profound. Let’s delve into his insights and vision for the sport. Website URL:

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