5 Key Takeaways from the Denver Nuggets’ Game 3 Victory over the Los Angeles Lakers

5 Key Takeaways from the Denver Nuggets


The Denver Nuggets secured a crucial victory in Game 3 of their playoff series against the Los Angeles Lakers, signaling a potential turning point in their postseason journey. In an intense matchup that saw stellar performances and strategic maneuvers, the Nuggets displayed their resilience and determination. In this blog post, we will delve into the five key takeaways from the Nuggets’ impressive Game 3 victory.

1. Nikola Jokić’s Dominance:

Nikola Jokić, the Nuggets’ star center, once again proved why he is a frontrunner for the NBA MVP award. Jokić delivered a mesmerizing performance, leading his team with 32 points, 20 rebounds, and 10 assists. His ability to control the game from the post and make accurate passes showcased his unique skill set. Jokić’s presence on both ends of the court proved to be the driving force behind the Nuggets’ success.

2. Jamal Murray’s Offensive Explosion:

Jamal Murray, known for his clutch performances in the playoffs, exhibited his scoring prowess in Game 3. He poured in 28 points, shooting an impressive 56% from the field. Murray’s ability to create his own shot and convert difficult jumpers under pressure played a pivotal role in the Nuggets’ victory. His offensive contributions complemented Jokić’s dominance and provided a significant boost to Denver’s scoring output.

3. Aggressive Defense:

The Nuggets’ defense stepped up admirably in Game 3, stifling the Lakers’ offensive flow. They applied relentless pressure, forcing turnovers and contested shots. The Nuggets’ defensive rotations were well-executed, disrupting the Lakers’ rhythm and limiting their scoring opportunities. This concerted effort on the defensive end showcased the Nuggets’ commitment to disrupting the Lakers’ offensive game plan.

4. Bench Production:

The Nuggets’ bench players played a vital role in securing the Game 3 victory. Monte Morris, Facundo Campazzo, and JaMychal Green provided much-needed energy and scoring off the bench. Their contributions in terms of scoring, playmaking, and defensive intensity proved crucial in maintaining the Nuggets’ momentum. The depth and versatility of Denver’s bench allowed them to sustain their performance and keep the Lakers at bay.

5. Adjustments and Game Management:

The Nuggets’ coaching staff deserves credit for making crucial adjustments during the game. Their strategic decisions, such as exploiting mismatches and implementing effective defensive schemes, helped neutralize the Lakers’ star players. The ability to adapt and make timely substitutions showcased the coaching staff’s expertise and understanding of their team’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, the Nuggets’ composure during high-pressure situations and their execution of late-game plays demonstrated their maturity and resilience.

6. Role Player Contributions:

While the performances of Nikola Jokić and Jamal Murray rightfully stole the spotlight, it’s important to acknowledge the valuable contributions of the Nuggets’ role players. Michael Porter Jr., known for his scoring ability, showcased his versatility by chipping in with 15 points and providing spacing on the floor. Additionally, Aaron Gordon’s defensive presence and timely baskets were crucial in swinging the momentum in favor of the Nuggets. The collective efforts of the role players emphasized the team’s depth and their ability to step up when needed.

7. Rebounding Dominance:

Rebounding played a significant role in the Nuggets’ Game 3 victory. Led by Nikola Jokić’s impressive 20 rebounds, the Nuggets outrebounded the Lakers by a substantial margin. Their dominance on the glass not only limited the Lakers’ second-chance opportunities but also allowed the Nuggets to control the tempo of the game. The team’s commitment to crashing the boards demonstrated their relentless pursuit of every possession.

8. Mental Resilience:

Facing a formidable opponent like the Los Angeles Lakers requires not only physical prowess but also mental resilience. The Nuggets displayed remarkable mental fortitude throughout the game, bouncing back from setbacks and maintaining their focus during critical moments. Their ability to stay composed and execute their game plan despite the Lakers’ runs exemplified their maturity as a team. This mental resilience will be vital as they continue to navigate the challenges of the postseason.

9. Adjusting to Lakers’ Defense:

The Los Angeles Lakers boast a formidable defense that poses unique challenges to their opponents. In Game 3, the Nuggets showed their adaptability by making the necessary adjustments to counter the Lakers’ defensive schemes. They utilized off-ball movement, set effective screens, and exploited weakside rotations to create scoring opportunities. This ability to identify and exploit defensive weaknesses underscores the Nuggets’ basketball IQ and their understanding of the game.

10. Momentum Shift:

The Nuggets’ Game 3 victory not only secured a crucial win in the series but also potentially shifted the momentum in their favor. Up until this point, the Lakers had been dominant, but the Nuggets’ impressive performance injected new life and belief into their playoff campaign. The win not only boosted the team’s confidence but also put pressure on the Lakers to respond. The Nuggets will look to build on this momentum and carry it forward into the rest of the series.


The Denver Nuggets’ Game 3 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers was a result of a collective team effort, with standout performances from key players, tenacious defense, and impactful contributions from the bench. Their ability to make adjustments, dominate the glass, exhibit mental resilience, and adjust to the Lakers’ defense were crucial elements in securing the win. As the series progresses, the Nuggets will aim to build on this victory and continue their pursuit of advancing in the playoffs. The resilience and determination displayed in Game 3 have undoubtedly made the series even more intriguing and sets the stage for an exciting battle between two talented teams.